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A massive triple-headed beast of an EP from Transmission Audio makes TA14 possibly the Leeds-based label’s most impressive release to date. The EP is fronted by the instantly intoxicating “Rowdy” by Rune & Kaiza (Broken Audio, Disturbed Recordings, T3K), a rollercoaster growler full of sirens, screams and glass-shattering snares.

“Sick Strip” sees Rune & Kaiza once again push dnb forward to new levels of innovation, deeper and darker in tone than “Rowdy” but equally energetic, with a scratchy bassline to die for. The trio of techy pyromania is completed by the ultra full-on “You And Me”, by Rune, Kaiza & Hadron, a track that combines depth and intensity to create a relentless sonic explosion.

With lots more music of this calibre to come, 2015 looks like it will be Transmission’s best year yet.

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