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Royalston – Who Did She Become (ft. Amy Kisnorbo)

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Australian audio architect Royalston has returned to Med School for his third album ‘Popular Mechanics’. Constantly pushing sonic barriers, this LP sees experimental drum & bass and electronica in its most exciting form. A 14-track delectation boasts cutting edge technical prowess balanced with a rich bouquet of musical grace. This combination of Royalston’s engineering expertise and musical pedigree renders an all-encompassing fusion of everything that makes drum & bass great.

‘What We Were Told’ ft ‘Amy Kisnorb’ is your staple drum & bass roller, in overdrive. It’s a twofold bass attack featuring wobbles and growls balanced with Amy’s angelic vocals. This track will be causing carnage in clubs and warehouses across the land with it’s constant evolution and high energy throughout.

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