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Rido – They Think That [Metalheadz]

Rido “The Faith EP”

Rido | Cockroach Funk (ft Codebreaker)
Rido | Back to the Future
Rido | Faith
Rido | They Think That

Release Date | 26/08/2013
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Stronger and more potent than the most premium of Czech lagers, Prague’s finest export Rido returns with the huge “Faith EP”

Four outstanding slabs of raw darkness that showcase Rido’s outstanding production ability and pick up from where the epic “Twisted” left off.

As a complete body of work the EP confidently moves from the half time grit of “Cockroach Funk”, through to the sparkling piano intro of “Back to the Future”, the deep pulsation of title track “Faith” and finally culminates in the evocative future soundscape of “They Think That”

Each tune within its own right is nothing short of outstanding, all combined in one great E.P to give a twisting snapshot of the all of the deep corners of Drum & Bass Music, as you would expect from Metalheadz everything here is just as it should be and at the highest standard of brilliance.

Metalheadz once again putting in a very special vintage year in 2013 and adding (yet) another milestone release to the catalogue, Rido once again bringing the goods bang on point and totally true to form.

Metalheadz 2013

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