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Redject – Retrochrone

Inject the Redject virus! Bitten by the Retrochrone EP, you will probably become hooked. But fear not, Mindtech are guaranteed to have that dope.

Redject, aka T.Rex — Long-time DJ & producer and co-founder of the SAS sound system and Flexible Future label. For his new project, Mindtech are the chosen ones, with these four tracks which prove, as if further proof was needed, that this hard-working dnb explorer is here to stay.

Kick off with the deep funk of title-track Retrochrone, before being pulled into the galloping technoid of System Check and crumbling under the vibe of Soul Shaker. Synths, reversed samples, doubled-up beats, bass and wobbles are the ingredients that give Surface its distinctive character.

From the sounds of yesterday to those of tomorrow, Redject brings them all together perfectly, neatly showing that yesterday’s future is tomorrow’s memories.

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