Quentin Hiatus – ‘Gabriel’s Conspiracy’

Quentin Hiatus
‘Brief History EP’
Out Now

Program stand at the helm of its sister label’s underground movement, bringing forward many artists who engineer the genre’s subversive image. One of those artists is Quentin Hiatus, who has delivered a five-track EP for Program and it’s an introduction into his burgeoning legacy as a producer. He’s another example of how Program pride themselves in being able to cut through the huge amounts of music available across the spectrum to find the hidden gold, pulling out only the very best up and coming artists. And that’s why Quentin Hiatus has found himself at home within their roster.

‘Over the Moon and Back’ scuttles forward with patches of cascading percussion, which drops into bass-heavy distortion at segmented intervals. ‘Interwoven’ is filled with bleating beat loops and crackling sonics, cut through by far-away sounding vocal samples. ‘Gabriel’s Conspiracy’ streams across its mix with creepy, sing-song notes and fluctuating synth pads. Then ‘Didn’t Wait Long Enough’ is more spacious in its composition, with a bassline moving against its dainty drum sequences. Finally, ‘Better Never Don’t’ rolls along with uplifting keys and an effortless groove – although Quentin Hiatus once again plays on the listener’s senses and gives it the dissident twist which filters through each one of his records. And that’s one more reason to get with the Program – because it features artists with this stunning level of ingenuity.