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Precision & Subdivision – You & I

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Independent label Soul Trader Records have prided themselves on only releasing the top quality liquid cuts which land in their inbox, following their plethora of support across the scene. Time and time again they’ve been heralded for their slick selections, presenting the type of drum & bass which keeps its smoother underbelly alive. Their deeper styles make them notorious during club nights too, drawing the crowd into dark and turbulent basslines whilst using this live setting to pedestal their roster’s musical creations. And next up from the imprint is a new EP from Precision and Subdivision, two producers who’ve come together to present a deliciously slick release which will continue Soul Trader’s legacy into the new year.

‘You & I’ features a soft appeal, focusing on its strung out harmonies and snapping kick drum which helps to peddle the track underneath. Unafraid to break the mould, the record then unearths moody swathes of LFO as it begins to evolve, although each note progression still adds to its more relaxed personality. Once again Subdivision and Precision are able to bring together two opposing sides in this EP, within a world moulded by carefully crafted bass and a high calibre production.



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