Time to get dirty, Phace & Misanthrop’s new single on Neosignal Recordings is out now!

Grab it off their own store: ►http://bit.ly/XXwA9e
Cop it at Beatport ► http://btprt.dj/1pcf9XV

Grab the limited edition vinyl ► http://bit.ly/1vsvIHz
Alternative vinyl link ► http://bit.ly/1qN0800

► After their last collaborative MOTOR EP release, Phace & Misanthrop present Neosignal Recording’s next single in form of two true dancefloor bangers: SEX SELLS and NORDWAND. Without losing too many words and to put it very simple; shit is hot, and we love it! :]

► And we hope you enjoy the music as much we do! Limited to 500 pieces the 12′ vinyl release comes as another collectors’ item of the Neosignal Recordings catalogue. We appreciate your support and are sending out good vibes to all of you!

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