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Phace & Misanthrop – Nordwand [NSNGL011] – out now!

Time to get dirty, Phace & Misanthrop’s new single on Neosignal Recordings is out now!
Our new single on Neosignal out now on ALL PLATFORMS !

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Release Date: 29.08.14
Beatport Exclusive & Vinyl: August 29th
All other platforms: September 12th
Label: Neosignal Recordings
Cat.# NSGNL011

We of course did not want to make a creative ‘stunt’ by censoring the obvious word on this clip cover, but simply got told by FB to do so to follow their legal terms

Also, with this release title we BY NO MEANS intent to show that we like or support this very common marketing approach named here. au contraire, we do find it absurd and want to put it into a critical light. just to get that right from the beginning. when you listen to the track you hopefully should get that ;]


Photography by Kasper Fuglsang