Phace – Basic Memory / Neosignal 008

Rapidly becoming a go-to label for future facing d&b, Neosignal return with full force as their 8th single release is due to drop in June, being delivered by label co-founders Phace and Misanthrop.

It’s safe to say Phace is putting his considerable strengths to fine use with the A-side of this release, entitled ‘Basic
Memory’. As though by pushing play we’re flipping the switch on a generator, the energy rises uncontrollably, ready to be unleashed. With Phace’s menacing yet agile take on drum & bass, this genre-pushing track once again demonstrates his studio expertise of the highest calibre. ‘Basic Memory’ brings a typically sleek edge that Neosignal is rapidly becoming renowned for.

Still left in the heat of Misanthrop’s previous release ‘Latitude/Sidereal’, we are hit hard with the flip on this single, simply entitled ‘Y’. Setting the bar exceptionally high for himself, he undoubtedly delivers on all levels. His gravity
defying sound elevates us from our seats with its eclectic nature without over-indulging whatsoever, as its shadowy
darkness leaves our imagination running in loops.
Neosignal have once again re-written the rulebook, breaking any convention or assumption we can make on drum & bass and continue to convey fresh and thrilling tunes each and every time. As for what they will do next…watch this space.