“Dutch duo Oskilator brings their unique brand of funk to the Caliber fold. Via their ‘Bass Invaders’ EP , Oskilator serves up 3 diverse explorations of their production, each with its own signature quirk. Introducing the release, ‘Khan’ keeps the energy chill, in strut tempo territory. This production is a grab-bag of disjointed and carefully manipulated samples, brought together with a mutating bassline and a lazy-afternoon beat. ‘Bass Invaders’ takes an energetic, upbeat approach, with fragmented beeps and blips bouncing atop a growling low-end foundation. Finishing it off, disconnected mid tempo drums in ‘Alloy’ collide relentlessly, held together with putty-like bass before shining synth leads elevate the mood. Oskilator throws down three interpretations of their emerging style and sound.”

Buy it here : www.beatport.com/release/bass-invaders-ep/1098168


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