Nu:Tone – Do You Like It (feat. Natalie Williams)

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Taken from Nu:Tone’s 2011 album ‘Words & Pictures’.

In a career in music now spanning over a decade, and with fans from Dillinja to Tom Middleton, Nu:Tone has garnered an impressive reputation for himself both at home and abroad. From his debut album ‘Brave Nu World’ in 2005, through ‘Back Of Beyond’ (2007) as well as his work alongside Logistics and Commix as part of “The Future Sound of Cambridge”, and recent forays into more dancefloor territory as ”Nu:Logic” he has consistently provided only the best output.

‘Words And Pictures’ steps things up to a new level, with no less than eight vocalists featured throughout the thirteen-track duration including revered names as Ben Westbeech and Natalie Williams. Opening with the A-side of lead single ‘Shine In’, it’s all soaring vocals and shimmering hands-in-the-air business at the start. Moving through darker, heavier moments such as ‘The First Time Ever’ and the moody melancholy of ‘Set Me Free’ things take a turn to the past in the final section of the album. ‘This Love Has Gone’ is a stripped back ballad, whilst ‘Invisible’ sees Dan Gresham team up with jungle legends 4Hero for ‘Invisible’ — one that’s sure to get all the old skool junglists all misty eyed with nostalgia.

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