Noisia – Stigma (Neosignal Remix)

Included on ‘Split the Atom: Special Edition’

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Artist: Noisia
Title: ‘Stigma (Neosignal Remix)’
Label: Mau5trap

“The neosignal boys have really picked up momentum recently, and this remix is an example of their current sound: big, urgent and rich sonics. Its like the expanded, slower version of the original :D” (Noisia)

About Neosignal:
neo [neo], ancient greek, from neos, new
signal [zɪŋˈnaːl], a sound, image, message or impulse transmitted or received through communication, media, voltage or current.

neosignal is an electronic music project originated in Hamburg / Germany at the tail end of 2011. it started as a collaboration between Florian Harres, also known as phace and Michael Bräuninger, also known as misanthrop. both, phace and misanthrop, have been at the forefront of forward thinking Drum & Bass for years, especially known for their precise and distinctive sound and DJ sets. the duo decided to choose the new alter ego neosignal for their joint music productions to reach out into new angles of electronic music.