A very special album episode this week, featuring the physical release of our ‘Outer Edges’ album, combined with your weekly dose of beats and bass.

Our album is now available on vinyl, CD and as a bundle at http://store.visionrecordings.nl

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Noisia – The Approach [VISION] Noisia – Tentacles [VISION] Myro – Playa (Annix remix) [DISCIPLE] Kije – Crucial Movement [CRITICAL BINARY] Misanthrop – Notbot [NEOSIGNAL] Noisia – Voodoo [VISION] Tekel – Invocation [SUBTITLES] Monty – Late Night Witness [VANDAL] Noisia – Motion Blur [VISION] Current Value – ESPACE [CYBERFUNK] Noisia – The Entangled [VISION] Disprove – Damage [EATBRAIN] Malsum Ft. Counterstrike – Biomechanoid [ALGORYTHM] Audeka – Demon’s Keep [METHLAB] Spectrasoul – AKA Yoob [ISH CHAT] Molecular – Midnight Run [LISTENER SUBMISSION] Question Time!
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Bad Company – The Nine [BC] FFFELIX – Major Key [DIVISION] Noisia – The Approach (Reprise) [VISION]