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Former – Sympathy Mutant [DIVISION] Noisia – Into Dust [VISION] Enei – Iron Curtain (Fre4knc Remix) [CRITICAL] Shades – Gravediggin’ [1985] Agressor Bunx – Scream [IGNESCENT] MachineCode – Skaro [EATBRAIN] NickBee – Out Of The Dark [INVISIBLE] Malux – Rubix [INSPECTED] Halpe – Jade Tearz (Reaken Remix) [SOUNDCLOUD] Surie – Pathfinder [MED SCHOOL] Shandy – Crack (Shield Remix) [NEW WORLD AUDIO] Hybris – Subversion [INVISIBLE] Sober Rob & Manitee – Jungle Robot [ELYSIAN] DLR & Ant Tc1 – The Grip (DLR’s ‘Tripping’VIP) [DISPATCH] Greazus – Braise [DIFFRENT] Noisia vs The Upbeats – Dead Limit [VISION] Question Time!
shutters 13 (Glits).mp3
Cousin Litt – The Smoking Rooms Airports Occasionally Have [SOUNDCLOUD] Ewol & Wingz – Perspectives [LISTENER SUBMISSION] State Of Play – Poor Man’s Deal (Konflict Remix) [ASPECT] Moth Circuit – Autism [SOUNDCLOUD]