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Noisia Radio S02E29

This week: a brand new Noisia track at 140 bats per minute: Voodoo. And more bats of course, exclusive new bats, a throwback from Hybris, and fresh bats from soundcloud.

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Noisia – Voodoo [VISION] Segment & Concept Vision – Barrier (Ft. Signal) [MAJOR LEAGUE] Kyra – Gunz [RENRAKU] Leaf – Monsoon [SERIAL KILLAZ] Malux – Powercube [TRENDKILL] Kolectiv – Prozen [DISPATCH] Tsuruda – Litenade [DIRT FIRST] Ceph & Lowriderz – Interplanetary Experiments [DUB] Current Value – Impact [INVISIBLE] Davip – Strange Sounds [DUB] Hydro + War – Virtuality [HORIZONS] dBridge vs Skeptical – No Discipline [EXIT] Bad District – Repulsor [BAD TASTE] Mark Instinct x Crimes – Bakka [DUB] Noisia & The Upbeats – Creep Out [NON VOGUE] Hybris – Garbage Truck [INVISIBLE] proeverijtje.mp3
Question Time!
Opgezwolle – Dip Saus [TOPNOTCH] Technical Itch ft. Mc Jakes – Critical Switch (Infiltrata & Hochi Remix) [TECH ITCH] Tipper – Cycleswithincycleswithin [TIPPERMUSIC]