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Noisia Radio S02E03

After last week’s premiere of our collab with Ivy Lab, we’ve got another fresh cut off the forthcoming Division EP, this week it’s one by Signs. Nik has a pretty bad cough.

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Signs – Diesel [DIVISION]
Signal – Shift [CYBERFUNK]
I Am Legion – Sunken Submarine [DIVISION]
Arp Xp – Five Black Forms (Hybris Remix) [AUTHENTIC MUSIC]
Malaky & Satl – Her (Zero T Remix) [SOUL TRADER]
Herzeloyde – Hott [SOUNDCLOUD]
Homemade Weapons – Mind Control [WEAPONRY]
Kursa – Apathy [BANDCAMP]
Dub Head – Spaceship [DISPATCH LIMITED]
Ivy Lab- Delirious [20/20]*
T-I – Minimal Genocide [CO-LAB]
Noisia – Facade (VIP) [RAM]
Razat – Trip Slicer [SOUNCLOUD]
Ed Rush & Optical – Fixation [VIRUS]
Noisia & Phace – Micro Organism [NEOSIGNAL]
roller ouderwets emo neuro HALFTEMPO.mp3
achteloos muisje.mp3
Current Value – Strange Peace [TECH ITCH]
Jon Hopkins – Collider [DOMINO]