For the first time in a while we’re all in the studio for Noisia Radio! Ram Records sent us a brand new track by Audio to premiere, we’re playing a Nero track to celebrate their album release today, and we’ve got some fresh new releases for you!

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Audio – 2 Stroke [RAM RECORDS] Herzeloyde – Spam [FREE] Sunchase & I Wannabe – Slice [22:22] DJ Hazard – Digital Bumblebees [Playaz] Sam Binga & Hyroglyfics – Dark Day [Critical] I Am Legion – Warp Speed Thuggin’ [Division] Nero – Satisfy [MTA] Cursa – Egg Cup [PLASMA AUDIO] Dub Elements – POW [EATBRAIN] Noisia & Evol Intent – The Liquid [VISION] Losco – Hold Up [FREE] Agressor Bunx – Trice [RAM RECORDS] Sofie Letitre – Perfect Mistake (Zes Remix) [DIVISION] DJ Fresh – Heavyweight [DIGITAL SOUNDBOY] Noisia – Charger [MOTORSTORM APOCALYPSE] mantra hop idee.mp3
Noisia RAW Synth Demosong ‘Exiled’.mp3
Machine Code & CZA – Something [C4C] Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Parlophone)