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NeurofunkGrid Event: Bristol – March 11th 2016 (Trailer)

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Framework & Lost The Plot present another monumental event that is certain to go down in the History books.

This time around we are proud to welcome NeurofunkGrid to Bristol for their UK debut event, incorperating a first from The Clamps & a UK first B2B performance by heavyweights EMPEROR & INSIDEINFO.


Main Room: ┤NeurofunkGrid├
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► Emperor B2B InsideInfo (UK First)
[Critical Music/Viper]

► The Clamps (FR) UK Debut

► Volatile Cycle
[NeurofunkGrid/Invisible/Renegade Hardware]

► Akov

► BlockDodger b2b Seizure
[NeurofunkGrid / Close 2 Death / Framework]

► Innate MC

Hosted by: Trafic, Twitchee & YDott
[Highway Code/Liquifyah]

Framework Residents showcase [2 hours]

► Rogue One
► Roper
► Beat Pilot Collective
► Afflicted

Hosted by: Trafic & YDott
[Highway Code/Liquifyah]

Video by NX Vidéo:
Track : Safra – Paranoïa (The Clamps Remix)

– NeurofunkGrid –
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