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Neurofunk Sample Pack – BHK Samples Special Edition 5th NFG

BHK Samples Special Edition 5th NFG

The NeurofunkGrid (NFG) and BHK samples have joined forces to unleash this bad ass sample collection. With this brand new release you get a source that cries out for heavy neurofunk productions.

With over 700 files , fully packed with the most intense reece bass and synth sounds (sustained) , a lot of different break beats , drums and unearthly fx sounds you get the right samples to let it rip with guarantee .

BHK samples is known for their stunning collections, with a huge variety of qualitative and original samples which are rocking the dnb floors worldwide. Many well-known drum’n’bass producers swear on bhk samples packs for years. What you hear in the demo track is only a small foretaste of whats possible to produce with the sounds and drums in this pack on your own.

You want tinker your own breaks ? Screw your own basslines and effects as flexible as with a synth, without having to accept limitations, or just want putting the finishing touches to your tracks ?

BHK Samples is for the creative heads out there looking for a inspirational source of cutting edge sounds that are a endless array of tools to sculpt frequently new breaks and sounds for professional bass music productions.

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