Mob Tactics – ‘Convoy’

Mob Tactics
‘Dreamworld / Convoy’
Released 31st August
Ram Records

Mob Tactics are no strangers to the Ram Records discography. Having already been brought on board for Andy C’s ‘Nightlife 6’ instalment and Audio’s seminal ‘Ramlife’ compilation, with their exclusives ‘Wolf Trap’ and ‘Frenzy’, they’re set to return although this time they’re offering a standalone single on the imprint. ‘Dreamworld’ and ‘Convoy’ highlight how Mob Tactics appeared on Ram’s radar; primarily because of their dancefloor appeal and indisputable production levels. The duo have become a formidable part of drum & bass sets across the global circuit and with a single on Ram within their reach, they’re looking to reinforce their stronghold.

This two-track release gives different insights into the skills Mob Tactics have at their disposal. Explosive, yet still crafted with the upmost precision, both ‘Dreamworld’ and ‘Convoy’ are intrinsically underground whilst adhering to Ram’s high-reaching standards. ‘Dreamworld’ begins as you’d expect from a Mob Tactics record – with its crashing percussive breaks and zipping, heavyweight bassline, the track’s weightiness becomes apparent between each refined layer. Next, you’re introduced to ‘Convoy’, which differs from its forerunner through its use of synth and more uplifting undertones. The range offered up on each track shows how Mob Tactics have continued to test their limits, which is why they’re a perfect addition to the Ram Records catalogue.

2018 has seen many artists make guest appearances within the label’s roster and Mob Tactics make a welcome return. Ram still dominates the scene twenty five years on from its inception.