Minor Rain – Regenerate

Order: http://bit.ly/buy_hware29
Released: 28th Feb 2014 (RH Store only) / 3rd March 2014 (Worldwide)

Renegade Hardware Presents: Compound One. The first installment of a new digital series which will focus on exposing new and emerging artists. Expect exciting discoveries from this new platform. The next generation of future thinking producers will be found here.

For the first installment, Compound One introduces 4 new artists to the Hardware fold. Trilo (Slovakia), Klax (UK), Subtension and MC Nuklear (Slovakia/UK) and Minor Rain (Slovakia).

Retaining the trademark Hardware edge but twisting it a touch deeper these first 4 tracks showcase some amazing new talent with very bright futures.

1. Trilo — Defer
2. Klax — Vendetta
3. Subtension & Mc Nuklear — Break The Rules
4. Minor Rain – Regenerate

Connect with Minor Rain:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MinorRain
Soundcloud: https://www.soundcloud.com/minor-rain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MinorRain