Mindscape and Jade enlist the badboy vocal talents of MC Coppa on ‘Friday The 13th’. Eerie vibes, distant sirens, and faint screams set the vibe before Coppa’s potent lyrics take center stage. His words are foreboding, like the threatening bassline gradually coming into focus beneath the surface. An orchestra of aggressive drums, mind-bending vocals and a grungy bassline that doesn’t quit, ‘Friday The 13th’ makes for a seriously infamous concoction. The dirt is palpable.

Dark. Deep. Unfiltered. Unrestrained. This is premier neurofunk drum & bass. This is Eatbrain.

21st April vinyl only – EatbrainLP001-1
5th May vinyl only-EatbrainLP001-2 & EatbrainLP001-3
12th May Beatport Digital
26th May Digital Worldwide + double CD

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