Metrik – Ex Machina (Trailer)

METRIK – EX MACHINA – 26.06.2020

Metrik’s highly anticipated third album has finally landed on the horizon for drum & bass fans worldwide. Combining the meticulous skill of his production, singing, and songwriting abilities, ‘Ex Machina’ sees the continuation and development of the dancefloor titan’s futuristic sound. The 13-track LP is charged with anthemic vocal hooks, technological synth work and even welcomes collaborations from Grafix and ShockOne. Elevating his sonic status to new levels, Metrik brings sounds from the future to the present moment with his brand new project that has been unveiled today. Featuring previous hit singles including ‘We Are The Energy’, ‘Hackers’, ‘Gravity’, as well as a generous selection of brand new tracks, the clinical precision of Metrik’s drum & bass mastery has been showcased yet again on this profoundly seminal release on Hospital Records.

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