Melysma – ‘Meditate’


Melysma, the latest addition to Program’s impressive roster, is bursting back onto the scene with all the skill and veracity of a recently nurtured newcomer. Born and based in London, the DJ and producer has an impressive back catalogue of tracks. It’s no surprise that Program had no doubts in adding him to their release schedule and he’s been hard at work in the studio, perfecting this pair of brand new, rip-roaring tunes.

Both tracks ‘Meditate’ and ‘Work it Out’ centre around uplifting, rolling melodies whilst powerful vocals pierce through the mix of A-side ‘Meditate’. The name of this tune certainly does it justice, since you can so easily lose yourself in its serenity. Effortlessly, Melysma gradually adds to the soundscape, until it promises a move towards the heavier elements that make up the main body of the composition. A sudden descent plunges you into a complex layering of crisp percussion, while the smooth central break offers up more calming, mystical synths and ensures that the second drop packs an even greater punch.

‘Work It Out’, the single’s second musical masterpiece, has been produced with yet more unfaltering technical precision. It certainly makes a statement on impact, with warming, old-school synths that carry the track into a different realm of sound. The energy builds with each burst of vocal splendor, until the full-throttled, buzzing bass takes hold and transports you to the darkest corners of the drum & bass world.

‘Meditate’ and ‘Work it Out’ are a perfect showcase of this up-and-coming star’s immense aptitude. The release is likely to be the start of many great things to come… So once again, it’s time to get with the Program.