Maztek – M-Theory [Renegade Hardware]

Maztek – M Theory
RELEASE: 2nd Dec 2013
Format: 2×12″ Vinyl & Digital

1. Maztek – M Theory
2. Maztek – Slinky
3. Maztek – Crank It Up ft MC Nuclear
4. Maztek – iMaz

Maztek is one of those musical geniuses people are rightly jealous of. After discovering music aged just 13, he has moved through lead guitar, percussion and more before falling for techno and drum & bass at age 18. Immersing himself in the Italian underground scene, he starting making electro, grime and dubstep as well.

His own label, Subculture Records, began in 2005, and since then he has released on, and collaborated with, a who’s who of international drum & bass artists. Add in remixes for N.phect, Intiman and Foreign Beggars, and you begin to get the picture. He now brings his unqiue sound to his latest release on Renegade Hardware, a perfect home for his full on, futuristic beats. Over the last 18 months Maztek’s tracks have become a staple in an ever-expanding diverse selection of DJ sets. Known for his skilfully crafted Dancefloor orientated drum and bass, Maztek’s productions wreak havoc not only across club land, but also across the charts every time they are released.

For his debut solo EP on Hardware, Maztek has dug deep and produced arguably his most devastating work to date. The M-Theory EP is a full on tour de force. On the title cut, Maztek reaches further and explores even deeper territory. The track is loud and abrasive, but detailed and considered as well. Pounding, retro-programmed drums and paired with a slinky, sliding bass run, which manages to sound old and new at the same time. The rabbit hole opens wider the further we fall into it, and Maztek’s stunning production takes us into areas we’ve never accessed before. Seriously storming.

Slinky takes on a darker edge, adding percussion notes on top of some rolling drums and sliding, slightly off-kilter bass. The production ramps up a level, whilst still keeping things incredibly tight and in the right direction. Maztek’s sound capabilities are shown off perfectly on this one, and his supporters will know he is on fire on M-Theory.

Track 3 asks you to Crank It Up, featuring MC Nuclear, as all the elements that make him such an amazing producer are on show. The sound builds up under the fierce MC rhymes, and the bass drops in soon after. Firing sub will smash any system, and the energy inside the track is just infectious. Heavy, hard and hitting, there’s still enough room for some melodic elements to appear. Get hold of this one, and play it loud.

Closer iMaz rounds things out perfectly, with depth, precision and enough funk to knock you into next week. Shimmering low end, perfectly engineered mids and some interesting samples and effects at the top all add up to one hell of a tune. Maztek has done it again, and shows off his finest work to date on M-Theory. Get to know the theory, and put it into practice now.

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