Maztek – iMaz

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Exclusive Bundle: Limited edition. Includes Vinyl EP, digital EP, Maztek logo tshirt, 3 x Maztek stickers plus artwork wallpapers.

This bundle offer is only available from the Renegade Hardware store.

Released: 2nd December 2013
Formats: 2×12″ Vinyl / Digital Download

Over the last 18 months Maztek’s tracks have become a staple in an ever-expanding diverse selection of DJ sets. Known for his skilfully crafted dancefloor orientated drum and bass, Maztek’s productions wreak havoc not only across club land, but also across the charts every time they are released.

For his debut solo EP on Hardware, Maztek has dug deep and produced arguably his most devastating work to date.

Closer iMaz rounds things out perfectly, with depth, precision and enough funk to knock you into next week. Shimmering low end, perfectly engineered mids and some interesting samples and effects at the top all add up to one hell of a tune. Maztek has done it again, and shows off his finest work to date on M-Theory. Get to know the theory, and put it into practice now.