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Mayhem & Logam – Infinity (Nickbee Remix) [Santoku Records]

Santoku Records are proud to present their latest various artists release. SAN014 contains two massive remixes of tracks by label favourites Mayhem & Logam.

NickBee is something of a phenomenon. His youth, his proficiency in such a range of styles, and his technical ability continue to shock and amaze. Labels, such as Invisible, Dispatch, Horizons, Bad Taste and more queue up to secure his talents, but this time around he contributes a remix of Mayhem & Logam’s Infinity.

Right from the top, this one’s a stone-cold classic. Moving, melodic beats are lifted and drawn out by Nick’s synth work, as he floats through the intro and into the drop. After this, the flourishes are held down, concentrating as he does on the beats and the bass instead. Frenetic, fast-paced drum lines flow up and down the mix, with the track pinned to a wide-ranging and diverse set of bass notes. Building musical mountains is NickBee’s speciality, and he does it once again on Infinity, swooping and gliding all around his remix.

NickBee is a fellow member of the Enter The Grid Agency :
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