London Elektricity – Impossible To Say (feat. Pete Simpson) [Official Video]

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“Are We There Yet?” is the sixth studio album from London Elektricity out on the 6th November on his own nineteen-year-old label Hospital Records.

Over 14 tracks “Are We There Yet?” combines beautiful chord progressions recorded from his own Steinway piano – a family heirloom passed down through generations – with perfect vocal harmonies from Tony himself, Emer Dineen, Pete Simpson and a welcomed return of award-winning jazz singer Lianne Carroll all underlain with rolling percussion and enveloping bass lines.

From the uplifting and playful opening of “Singing Ringing Tree” to the soulful “Why Are We Here?”, the spine-tingling roller “Artificial Skin” right through the deeper layers of “Dropship”, London Elektricity’s latest project incorporates a number of styles whilst still keeping to the true and world famous “London Elektricity” sound.

Best experienced in its entirety, “Are We There Yet?” maintains the live finesse which London Elektricity is known for, giving a gentle reminder to the paramount success of “London Elektricity Live” in the early 00’s.

Since his last album “Yikes!” London Elektricity has continued to grow his drum & bass empire, overseeing the development of two labels, a number of talented artists and internationally renowned events brand “Hospitality”. His encyclopedic knowledge of music spans across several decades and in turn gives a unique quality to his own production as is clear with the outstanding “Are We There Yet?” LP


London Elektricity – Tone Poem
London Elektricity – Tape Loops (feat. Hugh Hardie)

London Elektricity – Why Are We Here (feat. Liane Carrol)

London Elektricity – Seven Days To Live (feat. Emer Dineen)

London Elektricity – Singing Ringing Tree

London Elektricity – Drop Ship

London Elektricity – Parallax

London Elektricity – That Thing You Did

London Elektricity – Impossible To Say

London Elektricity – Swivel

London Elektricity – Tenderless (feat. Emer Dineen)

London Elektricity – Telefunken Lizard Filter

London Elektricity – Phase Us (feat. Emer Dineen)

London Elektricity – Artificial Skin (feat. Emer Dineen & Keeno)

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