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L 33 – Step Ahead

Today’s see the official launch of my talented L 33’s first album on Mindtech Recordings, his first upload here was on february and look at him now ! Releases out or lined up on Nocid Business , Genome Records , Ammunition Recordings , Icarus Audio , Mindtech Recordings , Proximity Recordings , Black Seeds Recordings !

And this tune was featured by Enei on BBC 1Extra Mix !

I say it’s fucking impressive !

Here’s the album review : How to describe L 33 ? We could say he is a young producer from Bulgaria. But At 17 ; This a new name is promising like no others.

At Mindtech, we say that “A true artist is able to surprise us” & in a few month with a very few releases, L 33 has amazed us.

Such a talent pushed us to release a entire album. A first one for Mindtech. From neuro tech dancefloor to deep rolling!! you are gonna love these 9 d&b tracks & 1 dubstep track on this lp.
The name of the album says it all : STEP AHEAD LP.

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