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Kursa – Machinate

“Machinate is a cool word, right ? But it has nothing to do with machines. Other than the fact that this track was meticulously programmed using a machine, its warm analog-like soulful vibe will aid in achieving the scheme referred to by the title of Kursa ‘s debut release for Adapted records.

The intrigue referred to in the title track will come in the form of twisted glitches and razor sharp bass samples that will put you in an alert state. At the same time, its well orchestrated progression is timed to make sure every cell and synapse in your body finds its proper place after syncing into this classy blend of neural-hop mayhem and jazzed out glitch-funk. The vocalic bass patterns on the second track of this EP will scream in your head for a reload as you wait for Kursa to select the next sequence of tight drums, nice keys and bass lines that rip through the fabric of space-time on its way to reaching the glitchstep massive!!”

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