KUNG – ‘Lifelike’

‘Lifelike / NTSC’
Out 14th September 2018

Since his first major release in 2009, Granada-born drum & bass producer KUNG – otherwise known as JuanJo Diaz – has risen rapidly amongst the ranks. The artist’s brand new single further showcases his undeniable talents, which have attracted the attention of some of the scene’s greats, including Noisia and DJ Hype.

This single offers up a fresher take on KUNG’s characteristic sound, and is being peddled by RAM Records’ revolutionary sister label, Program. And exploring the furthest corners of the drum & bass world, Program aims to showcase the work of some of the genre’s most talented newcomers, which is why Kung falls so perfectly within their roster.

The new tracks – ‘Lifelike’ and ‘NTSC’ – are both punctuated by dreamlike, distorted vocals: each track boasts emotive groundwork which quickly descends into a clean and distinctive deep-bass flows. ‘Lifelike’s’ intricate layering of sharp, penetrating sounds grows ever more complex, eventually giving way to a full-bodied, high-energy bassline; meanwhile ‘NTSC’s’ more moody, resonant tones are lifted by the gentler instrumentals that dominate the top of the record.

Once again, it’s time to get with the Program – immersing yourself in the superb sounds of KUNG.

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