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It is time again this year for another next level neurofunk EP straight out of the mind of newcomer bad man Khronos. This is “Overload” EP, a five track behemoth release that never sinks beneath 170 bpm and goes just as hard as you would expect it too now that Khronos is a name synonymous with Black Sun Empire’s quality control tank known as Blackout. Now on Close 2 Death, up and coming Khronos has recently been in the ears of thousands of DnB fans across the world due to earth shattering tracks on imprints like Ammunition and Neurofunkgrid that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Now that this young man has established himself as a talent, it is only appropriate that he showcases it on a veteran music imprint responsible for the releasing of neurofunk singles that would go on to change the scene all together. It is hard to go wrong with story-telling techstep like “The Sin War” and I can guarantee that it will be a while before fans shut up about the title track “Overload”, but the entirety of the release definitely is something that needs to be heard in order to be believed.

Khronos is a fellow member of the Enter The Grid Agency :
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