Joe Ford – Bring the Bass (NRHP 001)

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We’re extremely lucky to bring you a new mid-tempo masterpiece from Joe Ford. In the wake of huge releases on the likes of Bad Taste Recordings and gigs alongside some of the biggest names in bass music, Joe Ford has become a widely recognized force in each genre he touches upon. In terms of Neurohop, he’s been a huge supporter… you could even say he helped define the genre when it was first finding its identity. We’re grateful to be giving this one away for free. Uplifting funk rhythms collide with that signature amorphous, plasma-like bass which constantly surprises, variation and subtleties lying around every corner. Another stomper from Joe Ford! Look out for an EP from him coming soon on Caliber Music!


Artist: Joe Ford
Release: Bring The Bass
Date: 2,000 Likes @ Neurohop Page

Catalog: NRHP 001

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Visuals by: Waysh
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