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Injuries, Fatality Reported in East Ukraine Clashes Between Rival Rallies

At least one person died and 10 were taken to hospitals with injuries following clashes between rival rallies in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Reports said that eggs, fireworks and smoke grenades were used in the unrest.

Tensions erupted in the Ukrainian industrial center of Donetsk on Thursday, where the Russian-speaking population has been rallying in support of creating an eastern Ukrainian autonomy and against the decisions of the coup-imposed government in Kiev.

A rally of Ukraine’s integrity supporters was taking place in Donetsk at the same time and place as anti-government protest.

According to local media reports pro-Maidan activists started provoking the pro-Russian crowd, by shouting far-right slogans “Glory to Ukraine” and “Glory to heroes”, loudly demanding the respect of Ukrainian territorial sovereignty.

Clashes between the rival rallies reportedly erupted after a crowd of demonstrators broke through a police cordon separating the crowds. Law enforcers were trying to take provocateurs away in police buses.

It was not immediately clear, how many people were injured from both sides of the clashes, but reports indicated that some had their faces bloodied in the fight.

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