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The highly successful single “Bleeps” by Impak was released last year, and has now been taken under careful treatment by Shuyn and Insom, who have both given us their interpretation of the original. Impak is already known for his work with world renowned labels such as C4C, Ammunition, Red Light and Mindtech. The original track is called “Bleeps” and it is a techno influenced neurofunk banger which just goes to show that Impak has impeccable skills.

This release is called “Bleeps Remixed” and features two very different approaches and interpretations of the original tune. The first remix is by Shuyn and it’s very atmospheric intro takes you almost into a trance the drop takes you out of the trance and brings you into a more manic state trying to follow the slamming beats and racing and ear bleeding bass. The second remix is by Insom, and his approach to the remix is straight on neurofunk with an emphasis on funk.

Shyun is one of the most interesting new producers in the drum&bass scene. Hailing from England, the country from which drum&bass has its origins, he stays true to his roots while bringing something new and exciting to the genre. Shyun had his debut release called “Down The Rabbit Hole” only a few months ago on the legendary NeurofunkGrid.

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