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IDF Abusive Nature Systemic, Occupation Reality Hurts Israel

Are IDF soldiers happy with their missions? Is the Israeli army ‘the most moral’ in the world? What are the tasks when there are no immediate wars or terror alerts? We talk to Avihai Stollar, IDF veteran combatant and member of ‘Breaking the Silence’ organization, which collects confessions from soldiers about what they had to engage in during their military service in the West Bank or Gaza.

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Sophie Shevardnadze: Our guest today is Avihai Stollar, a member of the IDF Veteran’s Group ‘Breaking the Silence’. Avihai,it’s great to have you with us on the program. Basically, ‘Breaking the Silence’ is a community of IDF whistleblowers, right?

Avihai Stollar: Yes, Actually, I guess what we’re trying to do is collect and publish stories, testimonies of soldiers who served in the occupied territories, and, I guess, advent some kind of debate, discourse regarding the nature of the military control over the occupied territories.