Hypoxia – Charley [Titan Records]

Release Date: October 30th, 2015
Label: Titan Records
Catalog Number: TITAN025

Somewhere, in the darkest corner of our solar system, lies a studio science lab that excels in the iciest, most isolating, bone-chilling sonics known to man. It’s so top secret it takes 750 light years to get there. But the sounds are so ahead of their time it takes seconds to travel back…

That studio is home to one of the most exciting new talents to dent the often-impenetrable surface of underground, tech-primed drum & bass: Hypoxia. Fresh from unleashing the uncompromising ‘Badass’ (featured on Ed Rush & Optical’s Fabriclive 82 and a weapon of choice for DJs across the D&B galaxy throughout 2014/15) the duo return with two more hi-tech workouts guaranteed to take your dancefloor to unchartered dimensions.

‘Charley’ backs up the musical meteor storm every step of the way as chilling chords open out into a series of steel-foundry level bass tones and textures. Industrial in strength, intergalactic in vibe, indestructible in dynamic, ‘Charley’ is pure tech grit with a restrained arrangement that’s both mature and menacing. Truly, this sounds like no other tune in the known galaxy.

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