High Contrast – The Long Way Home [NHS MIX]

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It is no longer a secret that High Contrast has been busy working on a truly monumental project this summer. Since the release of his fourth artist album “The Agony & The Ecstasy” earlier this year, he has been locked in his studio at a secret HQ in a recently re-developed area of East London, preparing what has inevitably become the soundtrack to our summer in the past two weeks of sporting success.

Taking the tempo down to 120bpm, High Contrast’s digital-only “The Road Goes On Forever EP”, is aimed at fans and collectors alike. Featuring a blend of new material, re-workings of tracks from “The Agony & The Ecstasy” and the original D+B version of “The Road Goes On Forever”, the EP is full of driving rhythms, optimistic melodies and energetic dynamics. Opening with the 120bpm version of “The Road Goes On Forever” with its marching beats and iconic hook, we are taken through a range of different moments suiting a long parade, right through to the soulful, inspiring tones of “The Long Way Home”.

The tracks on the “The Road Goes On Forever EP” were aired across the world to millions of listeners for the first time on Friday 27th July and will no doubt have a long lasting impact as we look to the future and continue to remember the legacy of summer 2012.

Release date: 27th August 2012

1. The Road Goes On Forever (One Minute To Midnight Extended Mix)
2. Ghost Dance (NHS MIX)
3. Reach (NHS MIX)
4. Four Years (NHS MIX)
5. Strutter (NHS MIX)
6. Emotional Vampire (NHS MIX)
7. Moonwatcher (NHS MIX)
8. The Long Way Home (NHS MIX)
9. The Road Goes On Forever (Original Mix)

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