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Hanzo & Randie – Dillinger (ft. MC Shot) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Hanzo & Randie ft. MC Shot EP

1. Hanzo & Randie – Dillinger (ft. MC Shot)
2. Hanzo & Randie – Leggins






‘Bringing the heat right out of the heart of Rome, Hanzo and Randy are quickly gaining momentum in the industry and for good reason. These two have already made their hallmark release on MAZTEK’s label, SUBCULTURE MUSIC, and are now dropping the second with Nocid Business Recordings. If its nasty, technical Neurofunk you seek, then call off the search because these guys deliver all you could possibly ask for.
‘Dillinger’ epitomizes everything that comes to mind with the mentioning of such an infamous and evil criminal mastermind, that you can’t help but tremble in your chair. Featuring erie, yet funky chants from the lyrical master none other than MC Shot, this one is for the dark rooms everywhere. Embarking on a journey through an industrial B-Side, ‘Leggins’ is as grungy as they get. If your looking for even more detailed and intricate drum patterns then this is the tune to cover your needs.’

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Release date: Mar 15, 2013
Cat: NOBUSS050
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