EXODUS – Noisia & Mayhem ft. KRS One (Official Video)

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We released this record three years ago (2007). We produced it together with Mayhem and we somehow got KRS One to spit vocals for it 🙂

At around the same time some dude sent us a video he had made for Concussion. He was a fan of the music and made it for fun. It was very good though so we replied that we were impressed. More emailing resulted in us wanting to do a project together and that project ended up being Exodus.

That dude is Alexander Lehmann. Over the past three years he has put many many many many many hours into modelling, rendering, rendering, modelling and rendering and modelling… and rendering.

In between he worked on other projects like:

Blockbuster – District 9: http://www.d-9.com/
Social commentaries – Du bist Terrorist: http://www.dubistterrorist.de/
and – Cleanternet: http://www.cleanternet.org/

Three years later we have this amazing video – every boys’ dream – a city that gets blown to pieces 🙂

PS3 Vidzone Exclusive:
After this video went on Vidzone on May 6th it received over 180.000 plays in only three days. It thereby became the most succesful video ever hosted on this exclusive music video platform for the Playstation 3. http://www.vidzone.tv/

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