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Eastcolors, Traffic & Noel – Dreams VIP [Demand Records]

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After starting to produce almost a decade ago and steadily releasing music since 2010, Eastcolors has worked with some of drum & bass’ finest talents including Enei, Clarity and with big upcoming names such as Traffic & Noel. Often an unsung hero of the scene, Eastcolors’ debut album on Demand Records sees him rise as one of Russia’s forefront producers. “Lighthouse” is without doubt one of 2015’s most honest and diverse albums of the year, covering drum & bass and beyond in a versatile and uncompromising way only Eastcolors can. A vision of a young artist’s music translated into a magnificent 16 track journey, this LP is the rare type of release that’s enough to satisfy serious music fans, producers and DJs worldwide. It’s about time the world woke up to Eastcolors.

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