Disprove & Signal – Arkaik Twelve

Following the formula set out with the first EP released last year that brought into focus names such as Trilo, Subtension, Minor Rain & Klax. TheCompound series continues its commitment to discover and showcase the most exciting new d&b producers in the scene today with the arrival of volume two. Tweaking the freedom of the digital platform slightly from the first instalment to allow us to focus on 2 new artists and explore differing aspects of their productions.

Flipping the script on his style – the 2nd track collaborating with Signal, a very promising 16 year old producer who’s sure to grab peoples attention over the coming months, Arkaik Twelve is a straight master class in sound design. A baron alien soundscape punctuated with cavernous bass groans and relentless, intricate drum edits that will leave you dazed and confused. If you were a fan of his collab with Maztek: Bad Body you’re going to love this one.