Did #MeToo Really Bring A Reckoning To The Legal Industry?

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It’s been 133 days since Harvey Weinstein was outed as a serial abuser and harasser of women. Nearly every day since that story broke, more men in more professions have been accused of, admitted to, or denied shocking acts of aggression, exploitation, harassment, and prejudice toward women in the workplace.

No company is immune — including VICE. It has affected our workplace too.

Here and everywhere, people are doing what they always do to make sense of things: talking. To capture the kinds of conversations happening in America’s workplaces, we gathered lawyers, actors, technologists, construction workers, and hospitality workers, and asked them about the new reality of #MeToo: Women, Men, and Work.

In December, six former staffers publicly accused 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kozinski of sexual misconduct in a story in The Washington Post. Widely considered one of the sharpest legal minds of his generation, Kozinski also had a reputation for inappropriate behavior with young women in his office.

In response to the allegations, he told the Los Angeles Times, “If this is all they are able to dredge up after 35 years, I am not too worried.”

He retired 10 days after the allegations emerged, and a judicial inquiry into his behavior was dropped.

VICE gathered former law clerks who knew of, clerked for, or experienced harassment by Judge Kozinski to talk about the #MeToo movement in the top echelons of the legal profession.

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