Data 3 – Molly


Soul Trader continue to come up with the goods. Their string of recent releases has seen the West London-based label drop some heavy, deep beats on their fans and new listeners alike. Now on to their 15th release, DJ Surplus’ imprint presents the Molly EP from Data 3.

Data 3’s twisted, rolling music has previously seen the light of day on Skanknbass, Most Addictive, Soulvent and GTA Records, and support has been swift from both Radio 1 and 1Xtra. The quality of their music, as evidenced on the new EP, allows them to fit seamlessly into the vision and ethos of a label like Soul Trader.

The title track floats into view, raising on a bed of emotional piano and some ticking intro beats. Electronic noises breathe their way in, before a vocal sample gets repeated. All this builds up slowly into an almighty drop, where the bass comes to the fore and establishes itself well. Things grind along on a level, with the producers dropping in sounds and melodies to create a sweeping, multi-layered tune with both feeling and power. They don’t forget the core elements of some heavy drums and well-worked low end, which are there in abundance. Let Molly take you away, far into the distance, far into the future.

Data 3:

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