Cruk – Valhalla [Breed 12 Inches]

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“Release on a Breed 12 Inches is a rare treat these days, but when it actually happens – it’s well worth the wait, especially in our today’s case. If you’ve been devotedly listening to the Lifted Music podcasts, you may remember a tune called “Valhalla” – the “Demolition Room” track of the podcast #25. Yeah, this tune is something you can’t forget, because it’s so, so special, it really stands out! I’m almost sure that everyone who’ve heard it, was waiting for it all these months on the edge of their seats… and if not, welcome to the hype train! You fall in love with these incredibly powerful drums and rusty post-apocalyptic atmosphere. You literally feel how your surroundings are melting as the track develops. It’s something you won’t find all that often in the neurofunk music – the track is incredibly powerful, but still has its soul and story, it’s not just a typical banger without any sense. In this case even the track’s name plays a huge role – it enhances the overall expirience and helps your imagination to recreate everything just from the music. And the mixdown quality of the tune has been improved by a great deal, which makes it all even better, you can say that months of waiting were justified. Oh, and we’ll also get a badass B-side. Heavy as hell, but still quite an interesting one, which is always good.”

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