Colorado Opens First Legal US Pot Shops

The US State of Colorado has entered the New Year on a high note by becoming the first state to legally sell marijuana and open the retail spots for pot. Washington is set to follow suit and open its own recreational shops later in 2014.

At the start of New Year day, at 8 am local time, pot lovers from across the state lined up to be one of the first residents to legally participate in a $578 million market. Some people had been waiting since 1 am.

“I wanted to be one of the first to buy pot and no longer be prosecuted for it. This end of prohibition is long overdue,” said Jesse Phillips, cannabis enthusiast from Colorado.

State residents can now legally indulge themselves with up to an ounce of marijuana from more than 30 shops that have opened their doors statewide. Residents from other states can buy up to one-quarter of an ounce.

However, weed enthusiasts can increase their daily limit by shop hopping and purchasing legally allocated amounts from different vendors. Legally under state law, buyers are only allowed to possess up to one ounce of the plant on them.