Cod3x – Obey [Bad Taste Recordings]

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After breaking into the wider DnB scene on the groundbreaking Soul Synthetic compilation, Cod3x makes his return with 5 tracks of forceful, flesh-tearing Neurofunk. Another new talent soaring to new heights on Bad Taste Recordings, the Undead EP puts Cod3x’s energetic, rowdy style firmly on the map.

Following the tried and tested power of Current Value’s ‘Force Black’ EP, the next release on Bad Taste sees the exciting new talent of Cod3x take the reins. After a standout track on Soul Synthetic, the young producer delivers five hard tracks of authentic Neurofunk in the vein of the Bad Taste MO.

Aggressive, compact and fast – Cod3x’s Undead EP is 100% Bad Taste.

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