Cannabis in Berlin: Illegal…or not?

In Germany the possession of cannabis is illegal. Even small amounts are prosecuted, but charges are usually dropped.

The definition of this “small amount” varies depending on the federal state. Most states do not prosecute up to 6 grams. The state of Berlin, being the most liberal, allows 15 grams.

Berlin is one of the cannabis hotspots in the world. Germany’s number one open illegal market to buy cannabis in public is Gorlitzer Park, affectionately known as “Gorli” by the locals.

However the use and consumption of Cannabis is not forbidden in Berlin, it’s actually one of the most liberal cities in the world regarding cannabis.

Many people don’t know that technically you could carry up to 15 grams in the streets. If you are stopped and searched by the police and they find no more than that amount, it will be considered for personal use, and you should not be prosecuted.

With the Hemp parade (in German, Hanfparade) this Saturday, August 8, now is more the time than ever to delve into Germany and Berlin’s cannabis situation with a new report. We spoke to the Berliner police, the Deutscher Hanfverband (DHV) and a street dealer in the famous Gorlitzer Parks.

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