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Blackout Podcast 46 – Pythius [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around. This edition is mixed by Pythius.

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Pythius – New Order [Blackout Dub] Mind Vortex – Against The Grain [RAM] Disprove – Frqns [Eatbrain Dub] Segment & Concept Vision – Executed [Blackout Dub] Optical & BTK – Infection [Dutty Audio Dub] Pythius – Coruscant [Blackout Dub] Mindscape – One Sound Ft. MC Kryptomedic [Blackout] Mefjus, Insideinfo & The Upbeats – Footpath [Virus] Khronos – The Heavy [Blackout Dub] Telekinesis – Fight Club Ft. Mc Coppa (Pythius Remix) [Blackout Dub] Neonlight & Wintermute – Influx [Blackout] Qo – Evil Dead (A-Cray Remix) [Eatbrain Dub] Mob Tactics – Return Of The Snitch [Viper] Current Value – Eager Fight [Blackout] Pythius – Executor [Blackout Dub] Optiv & BTK – Dive Bomb [Virus] ID – Dumflad [Dub] Black Sun Empire – Dawn Of A Dark Day Ft. Foreign Beggars (Receptor Remix) [Black Sun Empire Recordings] Teddy Killerz – Hyperspeed [RAM] Misanthrop – Rock & Roll [Blackout] Pythius – BBT Wait And Bleed VIP [Dub FOREVER AND EVER :D] Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – Jack Nicholson [Blackout] Audio – Foodchain [RAM] Insideinfo – No Funk [Viper] Black Sun Empire – Extraction [Black Sun Empire Recordings] Pythius – Vermin [Blackout] Telemetrik & Hyx – The Bane [Black Sun Empire Recordings] Mindscape – The 4th [Blackout] Pythius – Driveyard Ft. MC Kryptomedic [Blackout Dub] Noisia & The Upbeats – Omnivore [Vision] Misanthrop – Collapse [RAM Dub] Pythius & Khronos – ??? [Dub] Current value – Contact [Blackout] DC Breaks – Shaman VIP [RAM] State Of Mind – No-Operative [Blackout] Pythius – Abandon [Blackout] Ulver – The Future Sound Of Music

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