Agressor Bunx – Terror Force


By day, Alex & Nick from Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. By night, Agressor Bunx, one of the most sought-after duos in the neuro and tech worlds.

Recently releasing on Program, Bad Taste, and others, the duo also have forthcoming tracks on the RAMsterdam compilation and Blackout. Now though, they are dropping the Gravity EP on Logam’s Santoku imprint. The label, populated by Mayhem, Jade, Trei, Hooves, Wreckage Machinery and more, represents a range of sounds from across drum & bass, dubstep and beyond.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Optiv & BTK, Jade, Black Sun Empire, and State of Mind, Agressor Bunx have already secured support for their music from Noisia. This success is set to continue with the release of the Gravity EP.

Contact the Terror Force for the third track, where a stuttering intro kicks up to an all-out auditory assault, cast down upon your ears from on high. Taking the sum of the tune’s parts and going far, far into the future, the Agressor boys really turn on the motors with this one. Smooth, running beats are contrasted with eerie, creepy backdrops which bring to mind BSE, Noisia and classic Hard Leaders sounds.

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